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The LM Team specializes in organic content viral marketing & online business. We don't believe in shattering the glass ceiling because we know that the only barriers you will encounter are the ones you impose on yourself. 

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The Social Media Millionaire™ Membership is an interactive education experiencing exclusively for online brands & businesses looking to level up their social media, create viral content & master social media creation.

Traffic to Income™ is an exclusive education program for online brands & businesses wanting to start or scale their business harnessing the power of organic social media marketing & build a 7 figure business.

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Create the content that's important to you, in a way that it will be important to others

Learn the exact viral content strategy I use on each of my posts to create content others want to consume & the algorithm codes that will consistently perform. 

Focus your efforts on high-quality, purpose-driven content that will connect you with your ideal audience & leverage the algorithm to truly move the needle. I'm giving you back control over how your content performs. 

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Kenda Laney is the founder & CEO of Laney Media, The Social Media Millionaire™ Membership, and Traffic to Income™. Kenda has personally mentored over 1000 brands + businesses in the online space & scaled Laney Media to 7 figures in just over 12 months. With over $100,000,000 in annual client sales, Kenda is on a mission to scale your business to 7 figures.

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