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The social media marketing space is experiencing a resurgence of leadership & curation of lasting legacies. The hustle culture bro marketing tactics are out & make way for a revitalization of psychology infused methods & integrity led strategy. 

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The LM Team specializes in organic content viral marketing & online business. We pride ourselves on our industry nonconformity - you'll see statistics & "should be's" don't much apply to us anyway. 

Our Founder & CEO Kenda Laney was born with a rare form of eye cancer. The statistics say she shouldn't even be alive with a 2% survival rate at the time of her diagnoses.

Fast forward to 2020, she did what only 9% of business owners are able to do, scaled Laney Media to a multiple 7 figure company. 

& to further diverge from what the statistics tell us is possible, she did it in 12 months.

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We believe in instilling a deep understanding of buyer behavior, consumer psychology & sales psychology strategies in our clients because scaling a million dollar business should not be reserved for only the top 9% of companies.

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