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Educational Content is Dead

Educational content is dead. Go cry about it.

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Educational content is dead. Welcome to the funeral.

Go cry about it.

3 Tips to Lose Less Money on Social Media

It’s not helping you. I don’t care what the gurus peddling their courses at you say. It’s not going to make you money. And I’ll tell you why.

Educational Content is Not Backed by Sales Psychology

If you want to get people to buy, you have to sell to them based on their buyer type. Education doesn’t do this.

The four types of buyers:

  1. Expressive | Emotion & Relationship Driven
  2. Amiable | External Impact Driven
  3. Analytical | Stats & ROI Driven
  4. Driver | Outcome Driven

Please explain to me how creating a tips and tricks video will do that. I’ll wait.

The Framing Effect

The different buyer types are going to be activated by different things. Typically they’ll be driven by either a positive frame, negative frame, or comparative frame. You’re putting out the same information but framing it in a way that takes into account what is important to your audience.

The Conversion Content Equation

To make a sale, your content has to showcase the gap between where your audience is & where they want to be. Then it has to clearly articulate HOW your product or service uniquely bridges that gap.

Current Reality + Desire + Bridge = Sale

It’s really not that deep.

The issue with educational content is that it doesn’t create that gap. People are thinking “Wow, great info!” **SCROLL** 🙄

So how do you create content that isn’t garbage? The content lenses.

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