7 Figure Systems: How We Leverage Click Up in Our Business

High quality systems are the most important element to scaling a business from 6 figures to 7.

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High quality systems are the most important element to scaling a business from 6 figures to 7. As you begin to scale, more clients, more team members, and more money means more chances for things to get lost or miscommunicated. We all built a business to give ourselves freedom but without systems to support that dream, you’re just building a gilded cage for yourself.

Clickup // The Holy Grail

Click up does EVERYTHING in our business & acts as an all inclusive headquarters for everything from internal operations, content creation, to client management. Every single sop, recurring task, and project we execute as a company is based in clickup.

Our Favorite Features

As much as this feels like a paid sponsorship, I can promise you it’s not. We use and truly love this software & our business wouldn’t run without it. It’s allowed me to step back & step into my CEO role by giving me a big picture view of everything that is happening in our business on the micro and macro level.


One thing about me is that I never saw an automation I didn’t want to use. If there’s a way to automation a workflow (or even sections of a workflow), I’m going to do it.

One of my favorite automaton uses is what I call the workflow automation. It looks a little something like this:

  1. A status is changed.
  2. Clickup automatically changes the assignee to the next person who is supposed to work on that task.
  3. They complete the task and change the status.
  4. It automatically reassigns it to me to review.

It’s such a simple automation but has freed up so much of my headspace. I know that as each task is being moved through the different phases, everyone who needs to be is getting notified, getting on time assignments, and has all the necessary information to complete the task.


The ability to link one task to another or even a doc to a task is something I use daily. We house all of our SOPs in click up, so each SOP doc is conveniently linked to the recurring task reminder that corresponds with that SOP.

Instead of a team member (or new hire) having to sort through a long SOP handbook, they can simply pop open instructions for the task they are trying to complete right from the task assignment.

Recurring Due Dates

This one thing has allowed me to clean out so much space in my brain. Seriously.

As any business owner knows, there are tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually by both you and other team members. I used to spend so much time just remembering those tasks & reminding people to do them. When people talk about mental load, this is the best way to alleviate that.

Whenever you have something that needs to be done on a recurring basis, simply create a task & set it to have a recurring due date. This could happen on the same date every month, on the last friday, on the second monday, etc. You get the point. And if it is a task for another team member, just assign it to them when you create it.

This frees up so much space and anxiety that allows me to actually focus on revenue generating tasks rather than worrying about the day to day operations.

Spaces We Swear By

Our click up game is on point & we even share these templates with each of our clients so they have a super easy way to manage their projects and developments within their business from the second we begin working together.

The CEO Space

This is where I can go to get a big picture view of the business & to keep any important tasks that I don’t want the entire team having access to. Inside my CEO space I have several lists that I review daily.

  • Business Development
  • CEO Tasks
  • Quarterly Benchmarks
  • Team (Folder)


This is our business headquarters. It’s exactly like it sounds. Anything we need to manage the day to day of our business is stored here.

  • Team Task List (remember that recurring task list I mentioned)
  • SOPs
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Team Meeting Notes


This is the space where every piece of content that is produced by us is planned, edited, etc & that process is tracked accordingly.

  • Social Media Folder
  • Email Folder
  • Podcast Folder
  • Website Developments List
  • Blog List
  • Marketing Details

SMM Programs

This is a space where each program has a folder with the necessary lists needed to manage the programs. This includes things like:

  • Client Support
  • Live Call Planning
  • Portal Updates

Final Thoughts

Having high-quality systems is essential for scaling a business from 6 figures to 7. Without proper systems, there is a greater risk of miscommunication and losing important information as the business grows. Clickup serves as our comprehensive headquarters for internal operations, content creation, and client management. We heavily rely on its features and automations to streamline workflows and ensure efficient task completion. Linking tasks and documents together has proven invaluable in providing easy access to relevant information. Recurring due dates have significantly reduced the mental load of remembering and reminding others about regular tasks. We utilize different Clickup spaces such as CEO Space, LM HQ, Marketing, and SMM Programs for various aspects of our business.

Implementing these systems has allowed us to prioritize revenue-generating tasks and attain a higher level of freedom.

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