Pinterest for Instagram Growth: How I Grew 10k Followers in 30 Days on Instagram using Pinterest

This is exactly how I grew by 10k followers on Instagram in 30 days using Pinterest.

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I grew my Instagram from 0-10k+ followers within 30 days using Pinterest to drive traffic. But honestly, that’s kind of buring the headline. What’s more is that in leveraging Pinterest to grow my Instagram, I unlocked a passive marketing channel for my business that now generates over $30,000 per month in sales.

Outreach vs Nurturing Platforms

Because Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform, it’s a prime opportunity for reaching thousands of new people that are in a buying mindset every single month.

Think about how you use Pinterest, you are going there to search for inspiration, answers to a question, or solutions to your problem. You are pinning things you want to buy and saving pins that should solve your issue.

Now think about how you use Instagram.

You’re watching Instagram stories, scrolling through your home feed, checking notifications, and DMing with friends and followers.

How often are you searching for solutions? Looking to discover new people? Of course, I would be remiss to not mention the rise of Instagram reels, the seemingly one useful piece of outreach content on that platform but even still, the majority of the people you are interacting with on that platform are people that you follow. This is because Instagram is a nurturing platform with a relationship centered algorithm.

So if you are going to use a nurturing platform to attempt to reach new people, you are going to continue to be disappointed when your account remains stagnant.

Cross Platform Traffic

So how do we get around that detail of IG being a nurturing platform to be able to grow consistently and easily?

Use cross platform traffic to drive viewers from an outreach platform like Pinterest (or tiktok) to a nurturing platform (Instagram) to be developed into customers.

Bringing traffic from one platform to another is also supported by sales psychology. We know that building the yes ladder and getting micro commitments from customers in the buyer journey is vital to them actually making a purchase decision. Bringing a person from one platform to another is a micro commitment that allows them to get more information about your brand.

We also know that on average, people need 7-14 interactions with your content to get to the point where they could make a purchase decision so with that in mind, leveraging cross platform traffic can also decrease the amount of time it takes someone to purchase by giving them multiple touchpoints with your brand & allowing yourself to be seen in different lights across platform to platform.

Content Destination

On Pinterest, you can link to your Instagram directly from each pin that you post. Using this feature allows you to drive clicks directly to your instagram page or specific posts from your account.

The best way to leverage this feature is to ensure that you have valuable content on your instagram using graphics and captions almost as if they were mini blog posts. This allows you to create Pins that will link directly to the post.

We recommend posting 10-15x per day on Pinterest using Tailwind, a Pinterest Scheduler that makes it super simple for you to post to multiple boards and fully automate the process.

You can create about 5 Pins per post that you are wanting to promote really easily in Canva. Then you’ll upload these to Tailwind & add them to your schedule.

To get these posts ranking, you’ll want to do keyword research so that your content is being shown to people who are searching for solutions to problems that your content solves.

Bingeable Content

Now here’s what most people really struggle with. You have to create content that makes people want more. Throwing it back to the sales psychology here, by creating an aha moment with your content, you are triggering a dopamine release in your audience which makes them want to keep watching. It makes them crave more content from you.

This is how you get in people’s heads and create truly memorable content that is actually going to convert into sales. I break this down inside the Viral Content Formula that you can get free on our site.

This is what is going to get people to actually care enough about you and what you have to say to hop over to another platform (like Instagram) & give you that micro commitment.

Final Thoughts

As a business owner, if you are not using Pinterest to drive traffic to not only your website and offers, but also to your social platforms, you are legit missing out on thousands of dollars. This is something that is really going to give you longevity in your business & allow you to create a passive marketing stream to give you the freedom we all crave in our businesses.

Of course, you already know my DMs are always open. I’d love to hear how you implement this and of course when you see growth using this strategy, be sure to fill me in!!

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