How to Leverage Instagram Stories for 6 Figure Months in Your Business

Scale beyond six figure months by infusing sales psychology into your IG stories.

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$100k+ months are something that every online business owner wants. (Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t want that). Everyone sleeps on their IG stories – I get it, it’s hard to post every day & you feel like no one is really going to be interested in what you are doing on the day to day. Here’s the deal, you aren’t a lifestyle blogger, so posting like one on your story isn’t going to make you any money.

At Laney Media, we were able to scale veryyyyy quickly from $50,000 months to $100,000+ months once we very intentionally started to leverage IG stories to their fullest potential.

Why Bother?

Before we get into the how, I feel the need to fill you in a bit more as to why this is a VITAL piece of your marketing structure. Instagram stories are shown to your most engaged followers as Instagram is built on a relationship centered algorithm. So the people that pay the most attention to you on IG – those are the people who are being shown your stories.

With that in mind, why wouldn’t you want to go out of your way to nurture your most engaged followers & leads? Helloooo missed sales opportunity.

The Psychology Behind the Strategy

If you know me or have consumed any of my content you know that I am the BIGGEST sales + buyer psychology nerd. So of course, I’m here to bring the hard hitting strategy in every piece of content or education that we produce. The bandwagon effect and loss aversion are two huge psych principles that you are going to be hitting home to with this strategy.

Transparency Content

Transparency content is a term we coined at Laney Media that speaks to a specific way of leveraging social proof & leveraging your day to day life as social proof within your business. Showcasing you on a zoom call with a client or building hype with DM screenshots can be just as impactful, if not more so, than your average piece of social proof or screenshots talking about how great you are.

Consider how real estate agents will stage a home before photographing them & hosting an open house. Why do they do this?

They want you to be able to see yourself in the home.

Why does Zillow tell you how many views a home has gotten or how many people have saved the listing?

They want to build hype and showcase the demand for what they are offering.

A house you weren’t 100% sure about quickly became your dream house once there was a little bit of competition for it – once you knew that other people wanted it.

The same applies for your business. When people can see something as simple as a time lapse of you working on something for a client paired with a few screenshots showcasing how many people applied for your offer or joined your membership, you go from a random coach on their feed to someone they can see themselves working with. You become a higher valued asset because of your demand. People want to see other people working with you, wanting to work with you, or benefiting from working with you.

Social Proof with Context

A screenshot about how great you are tells me absolutely nothing. I have questions.

Where did that client start?

Did they have advantages to their situation & therefore their results that I may not have?

Is that the average client result or is that a cherry picked screenshot that doesn’t tell the full story?

Was that client struggling with the same issues that I am??

You are leaving so many questions unanswered & what’s worse is that when you are beating people over the head with social proof without context, all you are doing is effectively damaging your authority. You look thirsty to prove yourself like we won’t believe you’re capable of doing anything for a client if you don’t remind us every other slide of how great someone thinks you are.

Next time you want to post a screenshot of a client win, try this breakdown instead.

Slide 1: Social Proof Screenshot with text that explains where that client started.

Slide 2: Give a breakdown of what you did for that client to get them to that results.

Slide 3: Hit home to the mistake you know most people are making that is keeping them from experiencing the same result.

Slide 4: Breakdown how your offer actually makes it possible for them to achieve that desired result & circle back to the social proof with a call to action.

Loss Aversion

With any sales psychology tactic, you want to use them tastefully & ethically within your marketing. With that in mind, consider again the example of realtor.

If you know that there are 50 homes for sale in the same area, how inclined are you to take action?

What if there was one home at a lower price with the same amenities & you learned that same home had already had 20 viewings within 3 days of being on the market?

The same applies to your business.

How many spots are available in your program? & can you prove that? Are you showing the dms or notifications as people join?

Do you have more applications than spots available? Have you told your viewers that?

Are you doing a fast action bonus that people will miss out on if they don’t join within the first 24 hours?

Above all else, buyers are pain-adverse. People want a simple & painless decision. They don’t want to miss out & they DEFINITELY don’t want to miss their chance when they see other’s already taking action toward something that they also want.

Stories that Sell

We see wayyyyy too many business owners either neglecting their IG stories all together or posting stories that are doing absolutely nothing for their business’s revenue. We want you to scale beyond 6 figure months & this is a very simple change you can make within your marketing to make it possible.

This is a small but crucial aspect of the overall picture. Incorporating persuasive sales psychology into your content will greatly enhance your sales. Fortunately, this falls perfectly within my area of expertise. I highly recommend that you integrate this strategy into your marketing efforts. The most effective way to do so is by participating in one of the Social Media Millionaire Programs offered by the LM team. This will provide you with an in-depth understanding and practical application of these techniques.

To chat with a team member, we’ve made it super simple. Book a call HERE or shoot me a DM on IG if that feels right to you!

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