The Strategy That Made Us 7 Figures in 12 Months

This is the content plan that turned Laney Media into a 7 figure company in 12 months.

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This is the Million Dollar Content Plan, the content strategy that turned Laney Media into a seven-figure company within 12 months.

I’m here to solve all your problems. Is content taking too long to make? Is it not making you sales? You don’t know what to say or what to post? You’re not sure what your audience needs to hear? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the ideas you have? You don’t know how to infuse sales psychology?

This is the only content strategy you’ll ever need.

The Annual Plan

There are three components that make up your annual plan.

  1. Market Research
  2. Launch & Promotion Planning
  3. Offer Topic Alignment

You’re going to break down your content into 12 monthly topics. These topics should be directly aligned with what you teach or the services you provide for your clients. You’ll line up the monthly topics with the launches and promotions you’ll be having throughout the year, setting revenue targets, and reverse engineering those targets to determine exactly what content you need to post, when, and how much. This is going to come from having a deep understanding of your audience, their needs, and being able to analyze what past data is telling you to effectively create a strategy that is going to deliver the results you desire.

The Strategy

We leverage two elements to have a super-effective strategic overview.

  1. Cross Platform Traffic and Content Mileage
  2. Outreach, Nurturing, and Conversion Content

The first is exactly like it sounds. You’ll be creating content that is able to be repurposed across several different platforms and leveraged in a variety of ways to stretch the longevity of each piece of content. You’ll do this in two ways.

  1. Repurposing the physical pieces of content
  2. Repurposing the content concepts

You can even take this a step further by leveraging both a macro and micro approach to content creation. Basically what this looks like is creating both short and long-form pieces of content, then leveraging the long-form pieces for even more short-form pieces. We recommend all clients start with the micro approach before adding in the macro so you have more control over each piece of content and are able to make quicker adjustments to test and refine the performance of each piece of content.

The second focuses on leveraging specific platforms in alignment with the way their algorithms are engineered. For example, leveraging TikTok and Pinterest for outreach, and Instagram and YouTube for nurturing. What this allows you to do is condense the purchasing process and create a deeper level of trust with your audience. As a bonus, using this cross-platform strategy allows you to embed micro commitments into the early stages of the customer journey to begin building the yes ladder right off the bat.

The Psychology Behind the Strategy

Each monthly topic is then broken down into 6 subtopics. Those subtopics are then created using the framing effect to distribute the same information but in multiple ways that will be activating to the four different types of buyers.

You’ll be applying the lenses of Problem Awareness, Agitation, and Solution while creating the different formats of content which are Creation, Documentation, and Transparency.

This will allow you to leverage many different psychological principles when following our framework. To name a few: the bandwagon effect, the feel-good factor, the norm of reciprocity, and even the mere exposure effect. We’ve done an excellent job of creating templates that allow our clients, regardless of industry, to customize their content in a way that will be aligned with their brand archetype and activate their audience by leveraging these psychological principles and appealing to the four different types of buyers; amiable, expressive, analytical, and driver.

Recently, one of our clients who is in the mental health space shifted their content from educational to our framework and was able to generate over $30,000 in sales within 30 days of working together. Sales psychology works fast when applied correctly and continuously.

The Overview

When you take this approach to content creation, you are able to create outreach content that is bringing thousands of new people into your audience daily as well as seamlessly create nurturing and conversion content that will allow you to seamlessly create sales in your business from your organic content, with less than 2 hours per week dedicated to content production.

If you’re someone who knows this is what you need to create those consistent $50,000 months in your business, now is the time. Black Friday is just around the corner & its going to be first come first serve.

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